Inline Drills

Dotco® drills are used daily in applications ranging from aerospace to oil fields and refineries. Three styles are available - pistol grip, straight handle, and right angle models.

Parts Interchangeability

Maintenance of tools can be time consuming and expensive. That is why our products have been designed with high parts interchangeability. With fewer parts required to repair our tools, less inventory of parts is required and tools are easier to repair.

Precision Parts

It’s simple, precision parts let operators manufacture precision products. Whether it is a spindle, a chuck, a motor or an angle head, our parts are manufactured from the finest materials available and are machined to the highest tolerances. It is understandable why we are proud of the .0005" runout on our collet model tools.

  • Wide selection of tools to match your application
  • Rear exhaust
  • Select geared models available
15LF Series Inline Drills

15LF Series

0.4 HP (0.30 kW)